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Trading OE and OEM spare parts worldwide
We are the one stop partner for Dealers and National Distributors who are looking for ease of International Trade, price competetiveness and expertise in International Freight forwarding, at all times and in all countries.
Our Company

Established in 2018, we trade in both Genuine and OEM parts Worldwide, having 33 brands within our portfolio and reliable connections within 35 Countries.

Our Company

Our network covers the majority of Europe with full and partial truck loads with deliveries twice a week. We can ship via road, air and sea across the globe having affiliations with the most influential international players.

We deliver worldwide
Relead LTD, Unit 1, Fields New Road, Chaderton, Gtr Manchester, O9 8BT,united Kingdom
R3 Automtive, C/o DSV Estonia AS, Jalgimae tee 13b, Jagimae Harju, Estonia
R3 Automotive c/o MT Logistic & Service SRL, Via Rembrandt 15, Inveruno 20010, Italy
Our Company

Here at R3 Automotive we can source virtually any OE and OEM part number. By trading worldwide we liaise wih official dealers and trustworthy wholesalers to guarantee the best products for our customers.

One stop partner for Dealers & National Distributors
air filters
brake pads
belts and pullies
cabin filters
oil filters
body panels
brake discs